MELO is Clearly Being Blackballed

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Looks like all the NBA GM's got together to ban Carmelo.

Clearly Carmelo Anthony is being blackballed by all the NBA teams, how else can you explain the fact that Melo has not been signed?

Now there are rumors that he will be signed by the Nets and a few other teams. But still, the only way a guy of his caliber is struggling to be signed is a direct result of the NBA GM’s punishing him for some strange bizarre reason.

The Rippinn Bottom Line "Melo is not a bad guy, he is just a guy who struggled to realize he is no longer a starter."

So now that he has publicly said he is happy to come off the bench, it makes no sense that at least half of the NBA GM’s wouldn’t want a guy who can score 14 points a game of the bench and is great at delivering in a half-court offense, and for those of you who say he doesn’t play defense, my response to that is only 30% of the league actually plays effective defense.

As the start of the NBA season nears, it is flat out ridiculous that Carmelo is still not on a team.

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