Thursday Night Football Doesn't Suck This Year and Here's Why!

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Expansion via streaming services like Amazon Prime finally leads the NFL to higher quality match-ups. on Thursday Nights!

Quality matchups matter most on Thursday Nite!

Personally, I've also liked the idea of Thursday Night National Football League Games and I'm not one of those media people who regularly looked for reasons to shred Thursday Night match-ups because of the extremely short turn around that teams face. However, the last couple of seasons of Thursday Night football have at times been unbearable to watch. Honestly, reruns of the Top Chef where more entertaining then last years TNF games. Thankfully, the NFL, Fox and Amazon got together and agreed to keep the bottom feeders of the NFL away from Thursday Nights. The truth is quality teams, run by strong innovative coaches are the teams that belong on Thursday Night Football. Another words keep the Dolphins, Cardinals, Redskins, and Bengals off our flat screens, laptops, and mobile devices on Thursday Nights.

I'd much rather be entertained by the human highlighters uniforms of the Seahawks on Thursday Night then suffer through Kliff Kingsburry trying to reinvent how to throw a 2.5 yard pass!

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