This is Not "Hands to The Face." Lions Get Beat By Referees, Not By Cheese.

Look I hate to see a team lose a game in the last couple minutes because of what can be best described as two horrific "hands to the face" calls against the Detroit Lions Trey Flowers. A player who has never been called for hands to the face during his four year NFL career. Check out this image, do you see hands to the face? If you do then I recommend making an eye doctor opportunity immediately, hand over your car keys to your wife, and download Uber. I'm guessing that you might have to wait a few days for an appointment because the NFL is allegedly already scheduling appointments for all its referees.

This is not hands to the face!

Those "hands to the face" calls were so bad, that I could not believe the NFL did not stop the game, run a few more Baker Mayfield Commercials, listen to the announcers banter about the play, and review the play from their plush New York review center which has more technology then Nasa used to put Neil Armstrong on the Moon.

Houston we have a problem!

Clearly, the NFL rules committee needs to get together on Tuesday in an emergency session and make immediate changes. The committee should immediately grant power to the NFL instant replay team to make changes to horrifically bad calls during the last 5 minutes of the game. All plays should be subject to review. There is no disputing the outcome of the Lions vs Packers was significantly affected by the refs terrible calls.

Unfortunately for the Lions, they will receive a call from the league office apologizing for getting the calls wrong. They will promise to do better next time and nothing will change. Well that is until something like this happens in an Super Bowl or in a Dallas Cowboys home-game. I simply do not understand why the NFL doesn't take advantage of the 15 plus video camera's they have rolling around the field to get calls like these right! Seriously, in the last 5 minutes of a game, all plays should be subject to review! Hashtag confused Roger! #confused #allplaysshouldbesubjecttoreview


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