The Minnesota Twins are Facing the Ridiculous Curse of The Bronx Bombers!

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Imagine making the playoffs in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2017 and losing 2 to the A's and 5 of those series to the New York to would-be extremely aware of the curse that the New York Yankees hold over the Twins!

Sorry Twins fans, but the curse is real!

In the interest of full disclosure, I have two Minnesota Twins homer hankies from 1987 and 1991 hanging out in my home office, which is why writing this article is so unbelievably painful for me. In a year where my Minnesota Twins destroyed the home record for a team with 307 home runs, eclipsing the previous record held by the 2018 Yankees who hit just 267 home runs, one would think the Twins record of hitting an extra 40 home runs would be enough to wipe away the curse of the Bronx Bombers, however the 2019 Yankees hit 306 home runs in 2019.

“I believe that curses in MLB are real, that's why everytime my wife touches my Twins hat we lose. She can touch my Wild, T-Wolve and Viking gear all she wants and nothing bad every happens...but in the world of baseball curses a simple accidental touch of my Twins hat always results in a loss."

The Curse is Real and That's Why my Twins Won't Beat the Yankees

After winning 101 games in the regular season, setting the Major League Baseball record for home runs by a team and holding off the surging the Indians of Cleveland, you would think that everything was looking up for a for Minnesota Twins fans, until you realized that they have to play the New York Yankees in the ALDS.

Any other team and this article would be completely different, but after losing 5 consecutive playoff series to the Yankees the gloom and doom of postseason baseball will most likely be a short stint for the 2019 Minnesota Twins. While I would love to be wrong, the curse of Bronx Bombers is not just a curse but more like a certain reality for the Twins.

The cold hard truth for Twins fans is that since 2003 the Minnesota Twins are 36-126 vs the New York Yankees. That is during a span that Twins have made the playoffs 7 times. If ever there was a franchise in the history of the sports that simply dominates another team... it's the Yankees dominance over the Twins.

Sure the 2019 Twins led by Nelson Cruz, Max the madman Kepler and Mitch Garver have a ton of well-deserved confidence heading to the Bronx, but something tells me that this curse is a real thing.

I really don't think it matters if my beautiful wife touches or doesn't touch my brand new AL Central Championship hat...because the curse of the Bronx Bombers is bigger then all of us!


The Twins did exactly what I thought they would do and they got swept by the Yankees. New York outscored the Twins 23-7 and extended the all-time record for consecutive losses to 16. A record, that no Twins fan is proud of! #Twins #Yankees #MLB #ALDS #BronxBombers #Curse


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