The Hype Leader Get's Canned

Think back to the start of the NFL season, all the hype surrounding the Cleveland Browns was hard to believe because they were starting the season with their 11th new coach since the Cleveland Brown reincarnation took place just 20 years ago. Sure they made a lot of high profile off-season moves and scored countless commercials for Baker Mayfield, but while they looked good on paper, clearly they were not coached any where near their potential as they finished the season with just 6 weeks. Underperformance is what best describes the Browns season.

Fast forward to week one of the NFL season and they got completely blown out by the Titans 43-13 on national TV. It wasn't just the lose that gave me cause to pause, it was the 18 penalties the team committed and the 1980's play calling Freddie Kitchens had installed into the offense that set the alarm bells off.

The offense had become so predictable that if you watched a game with me, you would have thought I was Tony Romo calling the game at home. With the exception of Nick Chubb, the rest of the offense failed to live up to its hype and that's why Freddie was quickly fired by the Browns.

The Haslams confirmed the firing of Freddie Kitchens with the following statement: :

“We thank Freddie for his hard work and commitment to this organization but did not see the success or opportunities for improvement to move forward with him as our head coach. Our focus is on hiring an exceptional leader for this football team and we will take a comprehensive approach to this process. We are excited about the core players we have to build around and develop and we look forward to bringing in a strong head coach that will put this group of players in the best position to succeed.”


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