Stephen Strasburg Wins The World Series MVP, But The New Corvette Stole The Show

Watching the players poor out onto the field was one thing, but watching the all-new 2020 mid-engine Corvette snack its way from the outfield to the infield stole the show.

First things first, congrats to the Nats for winning the 115th World Series on the road in game seven, 6-2. This was the Nationals first World Series win in franchise history with the MVP going to starting pitcher Stephan Strasburg who won games 2 and 6 of the World Series. Strasburg, who is the first #1 overall draft pick to ever win a World Series MVP, concluding the hunt for his corvette torch red October by going 5-0 in the month with a 1.98 ERA.

The Nationals started off the season by losing super-star Brice Harper to the Phillies, which the team followed up with a less than impressive 19-31 start to the season.

As for his new Torch Red Corvette, this mid-engine Corvette was revealed a few months back and will go into full production early in 2020. The 495 horsepower base model is expected to sell for just under $60,000 which is a steal compared to other cars in its category that sell for well north of $100k. I just wish Stephan would have grabbed the keys, hugged his kids, kissed his wife, and put the peddle to the metal in his new Corvette which is capable of going 0-60 in 2.8 seconds. Just imagine watching Strasburg speeding through the Astros outfield, now that would have been a perfect ending to an improbable Washington Nationals season.


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