Someone Needs to Pull All Those Baker Mayfield Commercials off My TV!

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

It's official the San Francisco 49ers are for real as they flat out embarrassed the Cleveland Browns on Monday Night Football winning the game 31-3. It all started and ended with a Matt Breida 83 yard touchdown run on the 49ers first play from scrimmage.

8-22 on 100 yards, 2 interceptions, and a fumble is exactly why Baker is way overrated!

The Good:

The 49ers offensive line paved the way for 276 rushing yards as the team ended up producing a total of 446 yards in the blowout. Jimmy Garoppolo had 2 touchdowns, zero picks and threw for 181 yards and seemed to be in complete control of the Browns defense. But, it wasn't just the offense as the defense played a clear and concise role in the mass destruction of the Cleveland Browns. San Francisco accumulated four turnovers and sacked Baker Mayfield 4 times. The 49ers rookie defensive end, Nick Bosa taunted Baker Mayfield all-night with a Baker chant and sacked him twice in the game. Bosa, who through the first quarter of the 2019 NFL season is the clear-cut choice for defensive rookie of the year has lived up and maybe even exceeded his #2 overall draft pick status. The Bad:

All of those Baker Mayfield commercials on my TV during the first 5 games of the 2019 NFL Season. In Monday Nights game Baker went 8-22 for 100 yards and threw two picks and lost one fumble against the vastly improving 49ers defense. In the first 5 games of the 2019 season, Mayfield has 4 TDs, 6 picks and is near the bottom of active QBs with a horrific 77.2 quarterback rating, which is why I'm wondering why are there all those damn Baker Mayfield commercials on TV?

Maybe if Baker spent more time in the film room and less time in front of the camera he would have better results...seriously shouldn't you have to at least make the playoffs before you can get paid to do a national advertising campaign? #49ers #Browns #JimmyG #badfootball #NFL #Bakerisbad


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