NFL WEEK 6 RECAP: Just The Headlines

Week 6 is officially in the books and we thought it was high time that we rolled out a weekly recap blog, style.

NFL Record Setting Day for Lamar, BTW how did Baker do?

To the headlines we go:

Washington vs Dolphins - Washington Won The Game and Lost the Tank Bowl - someone forgot tell the interim coach Bill Callahan that they were supposed to lose.

Panthers vs Bucs - The Real Jamies Winston Total Showed Up in The UK - 5 less-than famous Jamies Winston interceptions is the reason why the Bucs lost to the Panthers on a day when Christian McCaffrey only rushed for 31 yards on 22 carries.

Eagles vs Vikes - Captain Kirk Diggs Deep With 4 TD's - When Kirk Cousins is allowed time to make plays, he often delivers. Stefon Diggs had three TD's and gets the blame for Kirks one interception. The story of this game was the lack of pressure the Eagles put on Cousins.

Texans vs Chiefs - Maybe Patrick is Mortal After-All - DeSean Watson refused to lose this game, despite the fact that Mahomes outplayed him from a statistical stand point. I no Andy Reid has trouble against other good coaches, but allowing Bill O'Brien to march into Kansas City and defeat his Chiefs is boarding on unacceptable.

Saints vs Jags - The Saints Defense Pulled A Rabbit Out of Their Hat - The Magic that is Gardner was totally shutdown by maybe the best defense in the NFL. Teddy Bridgewater didn't do much wrong and what he did right was so conservative that you would think he was running for office in a Red-state.

Bengals vs Ravens - See Lamar Run, See Lamar Pass, See Lamar Set NFL Records - It was a record setting day for Lamar Jackson who become the first quarterback in the history of the NFL to throw for over 200 yards and rush for 150 in a regular season game. BTW, this just in, the Bengals are bad football team, with no heart.

Seahawks vs Browns - The Extremely Overrated Browns Get Schooled By a 68 Year Old Headcoach - Pete Carol continues to amaze, as this time he went up against a team that on paper should have won today's game by double digits. Baker is only half the mess that his headcoach is, which is why they almost won the game. BTW, Mayfield successfully threw 3 picks, and Freddie Kitchens continues to look like he should be coaching pop-warner football. One bad play call after another in the second half is essentially why the Browns are still the Browns.

49ers vs Rams - Is Everyone Still Looking for The Next Sean McVay? - I knew the 49ers defense was improving, but only allowing 78 yards passing in a NFL game in 2019 is flat out impressive. McVay, clearly is in a boat load of trouble with Jarred Goff who appears to be having Jeff Fisher flashbacks when he drops back to pass.

Falcons vs Cardinals - Fly Kyler Fly - Just when you thought the Cardinals might have made a mistake picking Kyler Murray #1, he drops 3 TD's on 341 passing yards as the Cards hold on to beat Atlanta. If you lose to Cardinals, and your team is 1-5, do you get keep your job Dan Quinn?

Titans vs Broncos - Bad Mariota Forces Titans to Turn Tannehill - This was less about the Broncos offense and more about how bad Marcus Mariota had to play to be pulled out of the game in favor of Ryan Tannehill. The answer - Mariota went 7-18 for 63 yards and two pics.

Cowboys vs Jets - Mono This Cowboys Fans - Sam Darnolds mono but have ruined the Jets season, but that doesn't mean the Jets are going to quietly into the night. Darnold, threw for 338 yards and 2 TD's. As for the Cowboys, they looked like a team that spent the first half of the game working on preseason football tactics. Once, they realized this was a regular season, it was too late.

Steelers vs Chargers - James Conner Beast Modes the Chargers - Conners only rushed for 41 yards and one TD, but he did most of Beast Mode work catching the ball 7 times for 78 yards and one TD. The Chargers, look as tired as Philip Rivers arm.


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