Lamar Jackson Runs On Air, All Over the Patriots

Chasing a video game player is one of the best ways to describe the incredible run that Lamar Jackson treated us to in the third quarter of the Ravens beat down of the Patriots 37-20 on Sunday Night Football. Jackson drops back to pass and was engulfed by three Patriots linebackers. Count them, not one, not two, but three Bill Belichick linebackers had him surrounding. Somehow Jackson danced around the linebackers, burst out of the hole and ran up the left sideline barely touching the ground before being knocked out a few yards short of the endzone. Simply put, he turned a loss into an incredible gain. For Jackson, this was just another play to add to his growing 2019 highlight reel.

The energizer bunny rabbit that is Lamar Jackson threw for 163 yards and completed 17-of-23 passes for one TD. He also ran for 61 yards and rushed for two TD's. Let's just say Lamar was officially invited to the MVP award dinner with that performance.

Looking back on the 2018 draft it is now crystal clear that the teams who drafted a QB in the first round before Lamar Jackson was selected at 32 made a monumental mistake. I remember talking with a few colleagues about Lamar Jackson and I could not understand why they didn't see what I saw in him. The speed, the accuracy, the strong arm, and most importantly his ability to turn any broken play into points. While I get why all the hype was placed directly on the shoulders of Baker, Sam, and Josh, but I always believed that Jackson had significantly more NFL "greatness" upside. In order for Jackson to be successful in the NFL, he needed to be drafted by a team that was willing to build around a player with his skill set. Certainly, I believe Lamar ended up in the right place with the right Harbaugh. Can you imagine what the Washington Redskins would have done to Lamars' career? Let's just say they would have ran him right out of the league. Sunday Night was graduation night for Lamar because when you take down Bill Belichick in a nationally televised game the way he did, he earned the respect and honestly the admiration of NFL fans across the globe. Even the "Goat" seemed to be impressed!


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