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Sold! After watching Zion Williamson play in a few preseason games, I'm sold, ready to bet the farm that I don't own on Zion Williamson turning into the next NBA avenger. Williamson has all the tools to become a global superstar literally overnight.

Plus, he has that "it factor" on and off the court.

In Williamson's last 2 preseason games he scored 55 points on 21 of 25 shooting and even made a 3-pointer. I wonder if Ben Simmons was pissed that Williamson made making a "3" look so damn easy. Zion clearly is going to be a presence down on the block and basically he has an extremely high percentage five-foot range around the hoop which I'm calling the Z-Zone. In addition to his strong presence down low, he can also bring the ball up the court, run the fast break, distribute the ball, set powerful picks, and drain shots from fifteen feet in.

Like Ben Simmons, Zion will need to develop a longer perimeter jump-shot. Basically, when Zion does this the Pelicans will get better quickly. Not only will he score more from more places, but he will also free up the rest of the team for more scoring opportunities.

Zion's future is certainly bright, while I'm sure there will be some bumps in the road, but for now, I think it is safe to say that a star has been born and we are only 3 games into the 2019 preseason.

The "It Factor" Matters

Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, LBJ, and Charles Barkley all have that "It Factor." Zion Williamson also appears to have it as well which is why we are all intrigued by Zion's life. I must say it was a little strange after he was drafted #1 --- watching Zion going on that elaborate NBA press tour which basically made it seem like he had already done something great in the NBA, which of course all he did was get picked #1 overall.

Explaining the "It Factor" is like trying to explain the rain clouds in the sky. You know that there is a logical explanation for why it rains and why it doesn't, but like me, you don't really have enough time to take an online meteorology "masters class" with ABC's Dallas Raines. As for Zion the best explanation I can give you is his overall presence on and of the court that gives him that "It Factor."

Williamson is high energy, intimidating, smart, crafty, strong, powerful, fast, and is a simply fun to watch basketball player.

I enjoy watching him because I can't wait to see what he "will do next" in real-time. Zion captivates the audience in the same way HBO's "Succession" has captivated my Sunday nights. Scoring from anywhere at any time, and yes Zion is a fantastic defender, these are things that make him great. Now, drip in a fantastic backstory, college dominance, and a personality that is easy going, smart, and charismatic and you are left with the perfect storm.


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