Gardner Minshew II Has The Swagger That Baker is Missing!

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Are you like me, fascinated by Gardner Minshew II total package. Jacksonville's rookie QB has been impressive since he stepped on the field with his pocket presence, fearless willingness to throw the football into tight coverage, leadership abilities, and overall decision-making that has turned him into a hot commodity in the NFL. Heck, I didn't even mention that mustache, headbands, and those outfits that he clearly stole from the coatroom of a defunct1970's disco.

This is What QB Swagger Looks Like!

Impressive has Minshew been "Yoda" would say. Gardner is the first payer in NFL history during his first 5 games with 200-plus yards passing and a passer rating over 95.0. During this span, he racked up 9 touchdowns with an extremely respectable 67% completion rate, and he is not just throwing 2.5 yard Kyler Murray style passes to his running backs.

Swagger is the best way to describe Gardner on-and-off the field which is how most fans use to describe Baker Mayfield. The difference in 2019 is that Minshew has backed it up and Baker has turned into a junkyard QB. Baker currently has a passer rating nearly 20 points lower then Minshew and appears to be more interested in cutting grass and grabbing his wife a lemonade in his series of nationally televised commercials for Progressive Insurance.

More Than A Backup QB!

As for the Jaguars' upcoming decision between Nick Foles and Gardner, let me just say that even if the Jags go back to Foles, Gardner will be a hot commodity heading into the NFL's 2020 off-season.

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