Dwayne Haskins Should Sue Gruden for Horrific Coaching

Clearly, the future of Jay Gruden's tenure is no longer in question, it's just a matter of when will he be presented the ax by Daniel Snyder. Grunden who is in his sixth year as head coach of the Washington Redskins has very little chance of surviving the season as his team is off to a less than stellar 0-4 and start. What is more disturbing than his 35-48-1 record as head coach of Washington, is what he did to his top 2019 draft pick - Dwayne Haskins.

First, let me start by saying that after watching Case Keenum successfully throw three interceptions to the Bears on Monday Night Football it was clear to everyone in North America except Gruden that Dwayne Haskins would be called into duty sooner than later, which is why it was hard to believe that Gruden didn't give Haskins any reps with the first team during the week leading up to the Giants game.

Just wondering if Dwayne is praying for Gruden to be canned?

Second, the offensive line is a mess which isn't uncommon in the NFL, however, most offensive-minded coaches will actually attempt to make gameplan adjustments - for some strange bizarre reason Gruden decided to not make adjustments based on the lack of talent he has up-front and simply decided to play his civil war drum, thus notifying the Giants on exactly what he was going to do.

Finally, he made the horrific decision of putting in a rookie QB, who had no reps in practice, provided him no protection and did nothing to design plays for Haskins that played to his strengths. Instead, he threw the kid to the wolves and allowed him and the rest of the team to get beaten up by at best a mediocre New York Giants team which has a ton of holes in its defense.

For these reasons alone Jay Gruden should have been fired before he left the post-game locker room!

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