Daniel Snyder Proves The First 20 Years as an Owner are The Toughest!

In the year 1999, Washington was officially purchased by Daniel Snyder for a record setting $800 million dollars. Snyder basically outbid other offers by $400 million dollars. At the time Snyder was 33 years old and had successfully built and grew a marketing communications company which was generating over $330 million dollars a year. Back in 1999, fans liked the purchase because a young owner with deep pockets normally represents stability for a sports franchise. Unfortunately the opposite has occurred as since 1999, Washington has won just three division titles, lost 5 playoff games, and have cycled through coaches like a division one football program that makes coaching changes every 24 months and expects to win, but never does.

Ownership Has Been Tough For Dan!

Snyder who hired 8 coaches during his first 20 years, clearly has been unable to find the right coach and GM combinations that most winning organizations have. Check out Snyders coaching tree:

* Norv Turner 19942000 * Terry Robiskie 2000 * Marty Schottenheimer 2001 * Steve Spurrier 20022003

* Joe Gibbs 20042007 * Jim Zorn*20082009 * Mike Shanahan20102013 * Jay Gruden 20142019 * Bill Callahan - 2019-interim

Take a Brief Trip Down Washingtons Coaching Memory Lane

Starting with the random hiring of Jim Zorn who was really just a quarterback coach, but for some strange reason was hired as a headcoach without any real head coaching experience. Then there was Steve Spurrier who certainly looked promising on-paper, well that was until the organization realized he was more interested in playing golf during, before, and after practices. Snyder should have known better based solely on Steve's nickname "the old ball coach" which proved to be accurate. I can't keep Marty Schottenheimer of this list as he went 8-8 and got canned. A firing that to this day still baffles most people in Washington. The best move he made was luring Joe Gibbs out of retirement for 4 years. But not even the great Joe Gibbs could really get things turned around for Dan. Gibbs, posted two winning seasons and two losing seasons. I suspect he regretted coming back to coaching! As for Jay Gruden, he always seemed to do just enough to keep his job. 7-9 records mixed with a few winnings seasons equals mediocrity in the NFL. Gruden at times was bad, but this year he was horrifically bad. The big mistake came two years ago when it was clear to most people on both sides of the D.C. political spectrum that Jay wasn't going to take Washington back to the Super Bowl.

The Topic Dan Doesn't Want to Talk About, But Should

The topic Dan doesn't want to talk about is the offensive name of his team. Snyder's reasoning for not changing the name is money. In Dan's mind the value of the franchise is directly associated with the name of the team.

Knowing the name is offensive and not doing anything about is a terrible mistake Mr. Snyder. I bet if he did make a name change, he would actually add more value to his franchise. A new name, new logo, and new merchandise would most certainly lead to an increase in the overall value of his team. Now by allowing the franchise to be dragged into the gutter of race relations, he has actually devalued the team. Seriously, who in there right mind is going to by a NFL team with a raciest name at full-price? Essentially, Snyder has shot himself in his foot by continuing to perpetuate ignorance to a whole new generation of NFL fans. I wonder what would the 33 year old Dan Snyder think of the 53 year old Dan Snyders lack of success running a NFL team. My guess is he would be ashamed of what he had done to destroy one of the most successful and valuable NFL franchises, a franchise which has turned into the NFL's version of the New York Knicks.

Maybe Dan Snyder and Bill Dolan both go the same barber shop!

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