Anthony Davis is Like a Dinosaur Roaming LA!

It took just 31 minutes, 40 points and 20 rebounds for Anthony Davis to convince me that his move to LA has absolutely changed the NBA landscape forever. There is just something about watching Anthony Davis roam "Staples Center" dominating on both sides of the court that is actually more exciting to watch than a 6-foot point guard draining a three.

With all of the hype surrounding Anthony's move to LA, it was easy to forget how quickly Anthony can take over a game and dominate another team on both sides of the court. His power, mixed with his offensive skills, and the willingness of his supporting cast which includes LeBron to feed him the ball is why the hype and anticipation train has stopped off at Lakers Nation Station.

The NBA season is long, it consists of 24 opportunities for LeBron to post Tace Tuesday videos, and keeping AD healthy is going to be a challenge because of the all-out assault he brings to the court every night. I don't think I've ever seen a big man hit the floor as much as AD, with the one exception of the flopping Vlade Divac.

Keeping Anthony healthy is going to require everything from limited minutes in blowouts, too nights off against scrub teams, too making AD take a few "master class" lessons from Hollywood stuntmen who can teach him how to properly fall to the ground without hurting himself. Tuck and roll Anthony. Shaq, Wilt, and Kareem were great, and Anthony Davis can be great if he can stay healthy. Watching a healthy AD roam "Staples Center" is like watching a Dinosaur dominating the forever traffic jam on the 101. Nothing can stop him, but himself.


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