Week  9

Sorry, Russell Wilson, but Lamar Jackson has wrapped up the league MVP.  John Harbaugh has done a masterful job building his entire team around the unique talents of Jackson. Plus, the defense is playing like a championship defense during the second half of the season. 

1. Ravens

While the offense has looked sluggish last couple months, still the Pats are still the team beat. Trust me, Belichick will have this team ready to go in the playoffs, and as much as everyone outside of New England are ready for a change...the likely hood of them not returning to the Super Bowl is hard to believe.  

2. Patriots

Pete Carrol is a genius and is doing more with less than any other team in the ranking list. Russell Wilson would have won the MVP in any other year.  

3. Seahawks

The Saints have the second-best defense in the league and an offense that can strike at any moment.  Drew Brees looks great and his experience in the playoffs will pay off big-time for the Saints. 

4. Saints

Aaron Rodgers looks solid. I still have long-term questions about their secondary, but the d-line is improving. The offense is balanced for the first time in forever and barring major injuries they are a scary team to play in January.

5. Packers

I know dropping them to 6th is hard to believe, but injuries and Jimmy G winning a bunch of playoff games is hard to believe.  

6. 49ers


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